Introducing ‘Of Woodbridge and Hedgely’, a Literary Novel Examining the Phenomenon of Science Denial

Indeed I’m not the most eloquent of speakers, but here we are nonetheless:

…and, just in case one has mistook my want of attention to the ladies, they may thusly take joy in the following:

From the back of the book: ‘Of Woodbridge and Hedgely is a literary examination of the phenomenon of science denial, set in the 1820’s countryside of Gloucester, England. The Industrial Revolution has begun to saturate country, but there are still quaint and naïve pockets like these binary towns whose inhabitants are resistant to change. Alas, the enlightenment is brought before them when a young bachelor and engineer, Thomas Winter – the son of a wealthy industrialist – moves into the area with the intention of applying science to their fields to produce higher crop yields. Further, their local Anglican parson, Jonathan Moore, begins a series of science lectures dedicated to the memory of his recently departed brother, in which the subjects of deep time, uniformitarianism, and plutonism, formulated by pioneering geologist James Hutton, are introduced alongside pre-Darwinian evolution. Such is taken rather poorly by the towns’ Particular Baptists, led by the preacher George Edwards and funded by the recently wealthy Henry Wyatt, who conspire against these scientific men by way of news propaganda, the latter motivated by romantic adversity.’

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[Originally published in Feb 2015]

Apologies to My Readers


It had been a few days since I visited my blog, and upon doing so yesterday, I did indeed find all my material vanished; half a year’s work laid by the lee; the data table corrupted, that it would not accept my backup files.  I’ve had to copy-n-paste the Google cached renderings (historical snapshots) of my posts, place them into my word program, and will have to manually reinstall them, doing my best with the pictures and media, which I regret will likely be variant with my original postings.   I’ve further had to delete my Word Press files and reinstall a fresh copy as things went amiss when trying to apply my backups, and I at present have neither the head, hand, or heart to spend the week reading on the intricacies of data tables.

In the coming months I will reconstruct my site, and after such hopefully continue to dispense literary insights concerning the world of Of Woodbridge and Hedgley.   It had been a slow month blogging:  I lead three lives, one being that of classical music composer, the other a drab professional, and these have lately kept me from my third duty here, both with respect to time and ability:  I’ve nursed a carpel tunnel injury for over a decade now, and it seems as though I am at present losing more functionality of my hands, having relentlessly overworked them this summer; they don’t seem to be bouncing back to at least my baseline injury with the allotment of rest I am allowing them.   The patience of my regular readers is indeed much appreciated; such sentiments, I believe, are what I’m attempting to gather here.  In the interim, please do apply your headphones and take a walk with me over a somber sonic landscape: